Heating Oil Additives: Are they worth the money?

Heating Oil Additives Improving Fuel Efficiency

The need for heating oil additives is becoming more popular due the changes to fuel specifications. Reduction of the sulphur content, increase in bio and changes to refinery economics, which increased the imported fuel, have overall resulted in increased heating oil system operating problems.

Most Oftec engineers now insist on additives being introduced to new installations to ensure the efficiency and performance of the appliance.


What do Heating Oil additives do?

The additive is added to your tank just before your oil delivery, this is to mix the additive into the fuel as the fuel is being pumped into your storage tank. The additive will help to keep your tank and fuel lines clean, reduce water and condensation build up and stabilise your home heating oil in your tank.

Water Controller  – Controls any excess amount of water condensation within your tank.
Line and Oil Gun Cleaners – Cleans the fuel delivery line that carries oil from the tank to the burners as well as built-up sludge at the bottom of the tank over time.
Heating Oil Stabilizers – Stabilizes fuel from outside environmental factors (may also include antioxidants).
Biocides – Treats microbial growth in your tank

With Diesel products having a shelf life of 6 – 12 months, we recommend that the same rule should apply to Heating oil. Replenishing your fuel stock with constant circulation keeps your fuel fresh.


Are Additives cost Effective?

At Lucas Fuels, heating oil additives are set to £15 per bottle, this treats approximately 1000 litres of Heating Oil. The initial cost of having £15 on top of your Heating Oil bill may deter a lot of people but the benefits of additives are in the long run. Keeping your oil treated and clean will prevent heavy maintenance bills and the possibility of boiler break down. Additives also prevent carbon build up that can block injectors and ultimately create insufficient combustion. Making your appliance as efficient as possible is the key to keeping Heating Oil bills down.

Some Heating systems rely on additives, especially aga fired. Our aga additives prevent the build up of carbon that can clog the injectors on the appliance.

Additives are a great way to keep your oil fired appliance clean and working efficiently, but they should never be a replacement for your annual service by an Oftec oil engineer. Engineers will ensure the appliance is working safely and correctly.


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Heating Oil Additives for Aga’s