Where To Install My Heating Oil Tank?

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Where do I put my heating oil tank?

This is a question that Is frequently asked from customers that are putting an oil tank in for the first time or simply replacing their old one.


At Lucas Fuels we  believe there are 2 major issues to consider:

  • Is the new tank being installed and serviced in accordance to OFTEC regulations?
  • Can the Heating Oil supplier reach the tank and make a safe delivery?


OFTEC plays a leading role in raising standards within the heating industries of the UK and Republic of Ireland. Their trade association represents the interests of oil storage and oil appliances.

Check out all the regulations and requirements for installing an oil tank at OFTEC’s website.

As for knowing if we could make the delivery to the new location of the oil tank?…… just ask.

All of our drivers as well as our office staff will be able to help you when making a decision on the best position for your oil tank

All our vehicles are equipped with 175 foot hoses, so there isn’t many tanks we’re unable to deliver too.



Lucas Fuels Heatng Oil
Lucas Fuels 175 foot delivery hose – always able to reach your heating oil tank