Red Diesel Prices

Red Diesel Prices


Red diesel prices have stayed relatively low this year and with Harvest fully underway, farmers and all users of red diesel can be assured that this year, the sting of filling up your machinery won’t be as painful as previous years.

With current prices, ranging between 40 – 50 pence per litre its a great time to stock up through this busy time on the farming calendar.


Red Diesel supplier

We know this time of year for the farming industry is GO GO  and down time for the machines is an absolute NO NO!

Working day and night becomes norm for farmers, so at Lucas Fuels we do our upmost to work with our customers needs, ensuring all fuel requirements are met.

Lucas Fuels is a small family run business, supplying the local area of Herts, Beds and Bucks. Working closely with our customers, we build a relationship that works so well, customers rarely leave.

What makes it work so well is our ability to get fuel to our customers quickly, but also our  free fuel management system. We are able to assess the amount of fuel you are using and arrange your deliveries for you – one less thing to think about is always a good thing!

Delivering quantities from 500 litres to 30,000 litres in one drop and additional additves to ensure the smooth running of your vehicles – Lucas Fuels are the local, reliable supplier.


Red Diesel and who can use it

Red diesel is mainly used for vehicles that are for off road use. With strict laws in place, its essential you make sure your business/vehicles are permitted to use red diesel. You can check out all the info at regarding all guidelines.

Most vehicles and machinery in construction and agriculture are permitted, but its always best to make sure!


What is Red Diesel 

Red diesel is also commonly known as gas oil EN 590, The name “red diesel” comes from the fuel dye that is added to red diesel in order to distinguish it from regular diesel. If you were to add red diesel to the fuel tank of your prohibited road vehicle, even long after use, the tell tale signs of the red dye staining your fuel tank would alert the authorities to its past use if they were to check your fuel tank.


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