Heating Oil Tank Gauges – What’s the level?

Heating Oil tank Gauges

How can I tell how much oil is left in my tank?

If you have just moved into a property that has a Heating Oil fired system or the gauge that you have trusted over the past decade has suddenly stopped working …….. Don’t panic! Most heating oil tanks will have a lid or cap which you can easily access. Use a garden cane to dip the level. This is just a quick solution to the problem but not very practical in the long run.

With a range of different gauges available, you can choose the perfect device that suits you – Lets take a look at the most popular:

Sight Gauge

Tank gauges

The basic sight gauge – extremely popular and the cheapest of all gauges to have installed.  The gauge has a clear tube that runs from the outlet at the bottom of the tank, to the top. Pull the button and up comes the level of fuel showing you exactly where the fuel level is.

Disadvantages to this type of gauge is that overtime the kerosene dye in your heating oil discolours the clear tube and can make it difficult to read the level. In some cases the pull button can get jammed which stops you from getting a clear reading.

The upside to these faults is that Lucas Fuels will change your gauge for free when they fill your Heating Oil tank.


Tank Float Gauge

Haeting Oil Tank Gauge
Heating Oil Tank Gauge

Installing this type of gauge again, is very straight forward. The clock face gives a very clear indication of the level and can be read from a fair distance.

Disadvantages to this type of gauge is overtime the string float can get caught or the float itself can be faulty giving you a false reading.

Upside to these issues is that Lucas Fuels will also replace this gauge for free….Crazy I know! When ordering Heating Oil.


Electronic Gauges

Watchman Sonic

The watchman sonic is a two part gauge, with the tank reader recording the level of the tank, it sends a signal to the receiver which displays the level on it’s little screen. The receiver is plugged into the wall inside your house, so no more trips to the back of your garden in your dressing gown trying to figure out why your boiler has stopped(We’ve all been there!) The device will also flash when your heating oil level is getting low,

Disadvantages for this device is now cost as the average price will be between £70 – £150. Faulty signals and battery issues can become a problem. Unfortunately Lucas Fuels do not replace these devices but can arrange a replacement.

Apollo Smart  Reader

Apollo Smart Reader

This device works exactly the same as the watchman sonic, but as you can see from the display it gives you a lot more information including tank measurements, tank literage, outside temperature, budgeting and audible warning.

Disadvantages for this device will be similar with the sonic eg: battery replacement, receiver issues and cost  – this device has the ability to be re-paired to itself when signal issues arise. Simply hold the receiver next to the tank device until the signal is re-established.

If you are having any problems with your current Heating Oil Tank Gauges, or would like a replacement – contact Lucas Fuels on 01442 874 653