Fuel Oil Delivery

Delivering Fuel Oil to your Home


Ordering a fuel oil delivery for your home or business may seem like an arduous task, especially if you’ve just moved into a property that uses heating oil(kerosene). ¬†At Lucas Fuels, we believe we make this arduous task into a simple one.

Our website is quick and easy, with no log ins or personal accounts, you are able to order your fuel and arrange delivery within 60 seconds. Lead time on deliveries is within 5 working days with further options for next day and two day delivery time schedules.

If you prefer to call and speak to a real person, which can be quite rare these days, Karren and Jane are always there to help. If your thinking only 2 people in the office? yes, you’re right! Lucas Fuels is a small family run company, supplying Heating oil, Gas Oil and Road diesel across Herts, Beds and Bucks.


Fuel Oil Delivery
Fuel Oil Delivery

Great time to stock up on Heating Oil

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, oil prices have taken a massive hit, reducing the price per litre for Heating Oil! Great news for buyers as the huge price drop means that the average fuel price in England has plunged from 47p per litre on March 25th to just 25p August 25th.

We have seen a dramatic shift from customers ordering a set amount to them asking for their tanks to be filled to the top, stockpiling to make the fuel last longer and making a fantastic saving.

Many customers bills have fallen by over 50% and they are now able to fill their tanks in preparation for winter, which is usually an expensive as well as stressful time to organise a heating oil delivery.


To take advantage of the low heating oil prices, order online or call us on 01442 874653